Location: Agra

The anticipation for this day had grown so high it was almost surreal when it happened. Today was the day we saw the Taj Mahal. The wait was well worth it, for the beauty of that mausoleum was truly captivating. The building was white marble with flowers made of jewels etched into it. We took endless amounts of pictures around the building, and our tour guide showed us different architectural secrets of the building. We got to hear about the interesting history that was behind the inspiration for the marvelous creation. As we waited in the boiling hot sun, we all chugged down water bottles and hopped from air-conditioned room to air-conditioned taxi.

Then after a great lunch, we rode four hours to Delhi. I had to say an early goodbye to one of my favorite group members, Parker, who was catching an early flight to Morocco. The countdown had officially begun, and we started to reminisce about all the fun and unique moments we all shared on this trip.

Once in Delhi we all took nice relaxing cold showers and caught up on our writing. We then ended the night with a conversation about what this trip meant for all of us individually and exchanged are heartfelt note cards with each other. We then had pizza and watched a movie concluding another great day in India.