Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning the awesome Kelly (staff) woke me up to tell me breakfast had begun. I woke up to finish my Pops (my favorite cereal onboard) then proceeded to round up my crew to lift anchor. We then motored to Road Town to assist VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) at their headquarters. It was extremely interesting to listen to all of the stories about VISAR and their rescues over the years. We were able to meet several volunteers during our stay. After orientation, we were given several tasks. Dredging (trying to catch a barracuda), committing genocide against Tangleweed and the relocation of rocks (repaving the parking lot).

During our workday, I assisting in dredging, had the very fond experience of observing in horror as a Tarpin passed only several feet from the dredging crew. (If you don’t know what a Tarpin is.. look it up) As the day came to an end, VISAR treated us to delicious treats including cookies and cakes. Afterward, we proceeded for the first time in several weeks, to take a shower on land. It was miraculous until the hot water ran out.¬†Ladislas had the malevolent idea to throw frigid water over the stall onto his victims. For dinner we had breakfast. I personally enjoyed eating the biscuits and sausage the most. And now, as I sit in the power tower reminiscing on the day, I look forward to eating cookies and watching… FROZEN! (If you don’t know what Frozen is.. and you don’t think it’s the best movie on the planet .. look it up.) And to all of the American folks out there, happy territory day.

  The evil genius, supreme leader РРLinus