Location: China

This morning I woke up on a train…. to Xi’an. Immediately after we rushed out and met our tour guide for the trip. His name is Danny, he gathered us all up and then led us to the bus. After that, we arrived at the hotel where we got our rooms. All of us got lost! We thought that the room would be in the same building, so we went up every floor once we realized that we were lost we asked a worker where to go, and he led us to a different building. My roommate and I  took the stairs thinking there was no elevator when we got to the top the others told us about the elevator. I was not happy about that. We had about an hour to “freshen up/ relax” then we rushed onto the bus again and went to go see how the terracotta warriors are made. Once we got there, we took pictures of our heads on the warrior’s body’s and then went inside and went on with the tour. Of course like any good tour, there was a gift shop at the end where everything was made by hand. We got some serious discounts because we came in a group. After that, we went to see the real terracotta warriors. When we got to the museum, we found out that there were seven buildings holding the warriors, but we were only allowed to see 3 of them. Once we were done there, we got dinner and then had a forum. After that, we were told that we should get in groups of 2 so that we can talk to each other and the surprise was that we got to talk at Starbucks! The Starbucks there was so nice and very cool looking. Once we were all done talking, we went back to the room and then to bed.

Also to all the friends and family who are reading this although we are all having crazy fun we still miss you like crazy!