Location: Xi'an

After a long, long train ride, we were very happy to finally arrive in Xi’an. We were greeted at the train station by a bright green flag being waved around enthusiastically by our tour guide Daniel. He got us all on the bus and to the hotel, where we got a much-needed shower and rest before making our way to the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum. Thankfully, the weather was cooperating, and the long walk into the museum was bearable. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky inside the museum, where the historical content was rivaled only by the temperature. There were three pits, the first being the largest and the hottest, with an estimated 6,000 warriors. The second was not as large, but more interesting, as there were the bones of a tomb robber still in there. Daniel led us through the rest of the museum, and we then made our way back to our hotel. After another break for showers and rest, we were all happy to indulge in Pizza Hut for dinner, and Starbucks afterward. Xi’an was especially beautiful at night, so we stayed out for a while watching people dance in the square and flip off of trash cans. Eventually, we headed back inside the hotel to go to bed and get ready for the next day.