Location: Thailand


Below is our anticipated schedule of activities. The group will have limited access to internet over the course of the program. While we understand families are eager for news, we ask for patience as our staff’s energy is focused on the students and program at hand. Please do not call our office regarding these blogs, as the office does not control the postings or the content of the updates. Thanks very much for your understanding!

July 17: Fly day July 18: Student arrival in Bangkok; Rest and check-in July 19: Lifeworks orientation; Bangkok sightseeing July 20: Introduction to the Duang Prateep Foundation; Klong Toey walking tour; Departure for the New Life Project (Kanchanburi Center) July 21 to 25: Service days at the DPF New Life Project (Kanchanburi Province); Activities include youth/school projects, language and culture exchange, elephant trekking, Krasae cave and Saiyoknoi waterfall tours, Loy Krathong demonstration July 26 to 27: Transfer to Bangkok; Service with Suvannaprasit Community Children Development Center; Garden renovation and Thai culture exchange July 28: Down time and Bangkok sightseeing July 29: DPF Kindergarten service including traditional Thai sports and playground painting project July 30 to 31: Elder Citizen Project including home visits in the Klong Toey; Group and elders visit to the Palace of Truth in Chonburi August 1: Klong Toey t-shirt and plastic bottle project and t-shirt screening August 2 to 3: Klong Toey youth program including a field trip to Baan Suanrimnam Resort, souvenir making, and discussion of local youth issues and language exchange August 4: Down time and Bangkok sightseeing August 5: Lifeworks and DPF closing activities; Farewell party August 6: Bangkok shopping; Fly day