Location: Beijing

After staying the night in a hotel in Beijing and having already eaten breakfast, we headed to visit the Great Wall. We divided into smaller groups according to our different paces. We were amazed by the number of stairs that we ended up climbing at the Great Wall. We were also shocked by the surprising size of the ants…they were enormous! We went to eat lunch at a restaurant right outside of Beijing, where we enjoyed delicious traditional food, and then went straight to a calligraphy class. We painted flowers using traditional Chinese methods, and the paintings actually turned out pretty good! We were then offered to taste a variety of different Chinese cakes and tea, like Hei Cha (black tea) and Cha (green tea). We also learned about Chinese tea culture, which was very enriching. Lastly, we ate dinner and took an overnight train to Baotou. Ming Tian Jian!