Location: Sydney, Australia

The sun rose gloriously on the Eastern edge of Australia. We awoke, bleary from our travels, but eager to continue onwards. We took a tour bus through Sydney and further west, up to the Blue Mountains.  Our first stop was a beautiful view into the valley – it was cool to see clouds below us instead of above.  After many pictures, we were exhausted after a long hike up and down numerous steps but were awarded beautiful views of a waterfall along the way.  After a picnic lunch in the park, we headed to a hike that took us 1000 steep steps down the frosty mountains, with views of the famous Three Sisters rock formations along the way. Luckily we didn’t have to walk back up, as we got to instead ride a train car up the steepest railroad in the world!  Back at the hostel in Bondi we finished up the day with some yummy spaghetti that our chefs prepared, and then enjoyed our first Tim Tams (Australian chocolate cookies) and milk with Milo while we laid out on the balcony, staring at the stars and learning a little more about each other during our nightly squeeze question.