Location: Drake Bay

We started the day with delicious pancakes before our hike to the waterfall. A difficult one hour hike over hills through rivers and into the forest was worth the exhaustion and bug bites. When we made it to our destination, a beautiful waterfall with a swimming hole – the water was clear and relaxing, and we had the entire area to ourselves. Beyond the first waterfall, there were many more, although the climbs to the next waterfalls were difficult, the sights were gorgeous. Later that evening, we took a drive to the beach for a late night swim and to watch the sunset. When a storm threatened, our plans changed, and we needed to walk down the beach to a house for dinner. The lighting lit up the sky and made a perfect flashlight for the walk. To end the day we enjoyed a heartwarming bonfire where we roasted marshmallows and made S’mores talking about our favorite parts of the day. We wrapped up the event filled day as we laughed and joked around on the hammocks, only looking forward to the days to come.