Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Hello! The end of our incredible trip has arrived quicker than expected. We started our easy-going morning with a sail toward a possible turtle-tagging spot. There were many breathtaking underwater views, such as reefs. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found a single turtle— probably a result of our obnoxious swimming. After relaxing and eating mac ‘n’ cheese with two friendly guests, Anthony and Sylvia, many of us napped while some read and did other pastimes. Zoe, Adele, Samaara, Azi, Delphine, Maeve, and I made bracelets. Sanaah and Chava cooked up broccoli cheddar pasta as we waited for the facilitators to return from their meeting. We all vibed to music. We were met with a shocking occurrence of being egged. Though oblivious to details, an egg was thrown and shattered on our deck; thankfully, Adele and Samaara cleaned it up, though I was close to asserting vengeance. The crew enjoyed dinner before a self-growth activity known as LifeWorks. We miss you dearly, parents; however, our last days remain thoughtfully appreciated.