Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning, I woke up early to the beautiful sunrise at Great Harbor Peter. As the crew woke up, we began to start our day out strong excited for the adventures ahead. After a great breakfast, and began our motor over to Norman Island. When we arrived there, we loaded the dinghy, hoped in shadow, and began our adventure to shore. As we hiked Spyglass for the second time this trip, we were able to reflect on our growth throughout our time here. At the beginning of our journey, we wrote down three words to describe ourselves and three things that make us happy. When we returned to Spyglass two weeks later, we were given the prompt again and discussed the changes within ourselves throughout our trip. After our nice discussion, we climbed back down the mountain and went back to the boat. We made our lunch, which was chicken salad (a boat favorite), and everyone enjoyed the quality time together. After lunch, we learned about different types of corals and diseases that have affected the Caribbean. Em also showed us a few invasive species in the BVI like Lion, Fish, etc. Then, we hopped in the water and snorkeled around for a little which allowed us to search for diseased corals nearby. After our adventurous snorkel, we returned back to our boat and got ready for shower time. We blasted some music and danced around before the rest of the fleet arrived to the mooring field. We decided to raft up with another ActionQuest boat, Tropicool. We had a lot of fun hearing about their experiences over the past few weeks. Our chefs began to cook breakfast for dinner. We had sausage, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Then, we had the pleasant surprise of watching Pirates of the Caribbean, which is one of Jake’s favorites. We talked to the other boat for a little while, and then we said goodnight. We all settled in, laid down into our sleepy spots for the night, and fell asleep peacefully.