Location: West End, Tortola

We started our day off with the earliest wake up yet at 5:45 am and left the boat around 6 to an absolutely beautiful hike on Spyglass Hill. After we reached the top, we all sat down with the sun still rising, and then we were spoken to by Elliot, and we were asked to reflect on our behavior and which less desirable features we would like to leave at the top of the hill and which versions of ourselves we want to take home. There was a lot of deep thinking and opening up, and we all left feeling light and free. After the emotionally powerful activity, we started to pack up our stuff and deep clean the boat. We started sailing to the dock we boarded originally where we continued to clean the boat, get rid of the food we still had, sweep and scrub the deck. After the boat got approved, we were allowed to go onshore and find a late lunch. We had a dock shower different then our usual ocean showers then we all decided to split the Go Beyond flag. After that, we went to the final barbecue hosted at Omar’s fusion. We got one final talk from Mike preparing us for the journey home. We all stayed up late talking and enjoying each other’s company for the final night.