Location: West End, Tortola

Today began with a casual wake-up at a reasonable hour. To fulfill my duty as the skipper, I was taken to a meeting with 1 skipper and their staff from 7 other boats in our fleet. The purpose of this meeting was to prepare for our big race from Sandy Spit to West End. After the meeting, the race began, and with hopes high, we rushed to raise our sails and begin the journey. After a great start, we sang songs and shouted at other boats as we swiftly passed by our competitors and won the race in a clear victory. After celebrating our victory, we quickly began our next race, the cleaning. We spread out amongst the ship and put all of our newfound skills to the test as we truly appreciated the ship. Toilets were cleaned, floors were brushed, and suitcases were filled. Now with spirits high, having won our race and now on a superbly clean boat, we continued on with our day. To end the trip, right where it started, we met back up with Action Quest for a grand BBQ. Drinks were drunk, and food was eaten as conversations from past friends were told. To end off this amazing send-off of our journey, we gathered back on our freshly cleaned boat and congregated with happiness and also sadness due to the knowledge of what is to come in the morning. But with great effort to ignore what is to come, we ended the night with card games, great talks, and a terrific dance party.