Location: Marina Cay

Today was our first full day in the BVI! We started in the dock and had to wait for a very long time before we were able to start sailing. We played a lot of cards and taught each other many different types of games. We also went to get smoothies They were like 10% fruit and 90% juice. After about four hours of waiting on the dock, we finally got to leave the dock which was exciting. We sailed for a very long time, and it was really fun because the water was wavy and we would sit on the front of the boat and get tons of water sprayed on us all at once. Spencer got hit badly to the point that we couldn’t see him anymore, just a wall of water. I got to drive the boat during this, and it took a while to get used to. It was fun to learn how to drive the boat and watch all of the water spray up on the front of the boat. We then dropped the anchor at Peter Island and went to shore. We got to trace our hands and write what characteristics we wanted to have for ourselves on the trip. Someone dropped the clipboard in the water which was funny. We went back to the boat and had our swim test which we had to stop because the anchor started to drag. As we were swimming we were drifting, and the boat kept moving closer to us, and we were all getting mad because it was just making the swim longer. We had to do it all over again too once we moved the boat and got the anchor to stay. It is much easier to swim around a boat when the boat is staying in place. We went on our final sail of the night which lasted about two hours. I especially liked this sail because we all sat on the front of the boat and just talked about random things and got to learn new things about each other. I think it is great how this group is already so comfortable around each other. Right now we are just hanging around in Marina Cay, and we are going to go over to the other GoBeyond boat, Some Beez, and talk about the program. Then we get to sleep until we wake up at 6ish in the morning. – Zoe