Location: Lake Myvatn

We started our day bright and early at 7:30 am and treated ourselves to some delicious food provided by our hostel. After our brekkie, we went back to our rooms and packed up our bags to prepare for a long day on the road. Our driver, Audun (KINGGG), met us at our hostel and quickly packed our bags into the van. We started our trip by playing I-spy and doing icebreakers to get to know each other better. After about 2 hours, everyone got tired and slept in the van. About halfway through our drive, we stopped at a rest stop to stop and take a rest. We all bought some snacks to hold us over for the rest of the ride.

We arrived at our new home for the next four nights at around 6:30 pm and admired the views around us. The hostel is surrounded by lava rocks from the many Icelandic volcanoes. We walked on the rocks and took some pictures. Our chefs, Renzo, Emily, and Ciara, made a delicious meal of chicken, rice, and veggies. We all enjoyed our meal together and then went off to get ready for our first night in Lake Myvatn!