Location: Ollantaytambo

Following a slow morning, still celebrating last night’s successful soccer match (Peru won in the Copa America semi-final for the first time in 44 years!), our group visited a small school high up in the Sacred Valley. With a stunning view (from about 10,000 feet up) in front of us, we were greeted by members of the community, who welcomed us with necklaces strung with Peru’s national flower. It was a nice opportunity for us to spend time under the sun while learning more about traditional Peruvian culture. After reaching the school, some of our team spent time sanding and varnishing furniture, while others helped out in face painting. Our busy day was finished off with a chocolate-making class at the “Choco Museo” in the Ollantaytambo Plaza. Our Fourth of July was celebrated in true fashion, as we rewarded ourselves for our hard work with chocolate milkshakes and some other sweet treats, and ended the day with a dinner of pizza and pasta.