Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

A little disclaimer, before this trip I was in Oxford, England, so I was used to the boujé (lavish) life. On the plane, I had the assumption that I was something similar to a UN more solid coming to hurricane-stricken Islands, to help rebuild the island from rock bottom. Well, after arriving in Tortola my ignorant assumptions were proven wrong, and then I saw the sails of our yacht, lavish. That night we all introduced each other and made predictions that we would be good friends. It was time to sleep, and many people decided that they wanted to sleep outside. Now, I thought it was “unwise” to sleep outside, but anyways people did what they wanted to, and it rained, so everyone had to flock back to a dry surface. Soph managed to cram herself on a shelf, Matt and Ned figured a way to get past me and sleep in the back area of the cabin.

On the contrary, Kendall, Abigail, Nell, and Koko slept on the sofas like dwarfs from Snow White, and God knows where everyone else was. Moving on to today, I was skipper, which means that I drove the yacht, it was my first time. I think I did pretty well base on Maren saying “my favorite part of the day was when I saw seaweed flying in the air.” I’m going to be perfectly honest, my arms are little toothpicks (Indian thing) so having to steer the wheel was rigorous (pun intended). I quite sure the sail to Savanah Bay was about 5+ hours, I honestly don’t know. Although, the ride was full of beautiful views of distinct islands and different shades of blue from the ocean. Another activity that we did was the swim test. While swimming in the pool with about 30 other kids, I kept on bumping into people, in particularly Nell. Lastly, my favorite part of the day was showering. I jumped in the ocean, came back out, put on ocean-friendly shampoo (No else did) and body wash and then jumped in again. To sum up the day, we had a wonderful time getting to know each other, viewing the scenery, taking in the sick weather .)