Location: Central Valley Costa Rica

“Fulfilling” “Satisfying” “Rewarding” These are only a few of the words that were used to describe the past five days. We’ve only begun our journey, but we know this is the start of a truly life-changing experience. Part of Lifework’s mission is to have, “teen ambassadors actively participate in promoting positive change,” what better place to do that than in La Carpio. While some painted houses, other fed stray dogs or assisted in making the foundation of a house. We refueled at noon with a meal not only cooked with skill but with love! We ate with a few of the abuelas (grandmas) that live in La Carpio. After a wonderful day of giving back to the community, we returned to Dos Palmas hotel, a place we like to call “home.” After such an amazing 24 hours, the Lifeworkers have found a new meaning for the words fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding.