Location: Anegada

After a fun-filled and long night at the barbecue, Gwen, JB, and Dara were awesome and let us sleep in until 8:30. Starting the day on a great note, we all woke up to JB’s newly downloaded playlist and Gwen’s fresh french toast. Following a great breakfast, we had the opportunity for shore time to call friends and family, explore the small shops, and pick up some essentials at the grocery store. From there, in spite of a light rain shower, we set off on what turned out to be an incredible sail to Anegada. Today I was lucky enough to be skipper, and although steering through strong winds and huge waves was challenging, it was a great afternoon. The group also saw some amazing wildlife today, spotting a small shark during breakfast and two different dolphins throughout the sail. Arriving in Anegada, we quickly downed the group favorite – PBandJs – and headed out on a trash scavenger hunt along the beach. Divided into three teams each covering a different portion of the coastline, we were tasked with finding the seven types of plastic, a shoe, a household appliance, an electronic, a kids toy, and much more. The scavenger hunt turned out to be a highlight of the day. My group not only took an amazing walk down the endless white-sand beaches and gorgeous water that wraps around the island, but we definitely got our exercise in, walking what Dara estimates to be a little more than five miles. Finally, meeting back at the boat, everyone got together for a great burrito dinner (courtesy of Hayley) to end the day on a positive note.