Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up when the sun rose which was around 6:30. We got ready quickly for a hike around Spyglass Hill. The hike was very relaxing because it wasn’t too difficult. The scenery was amazing; we had a great view of the Virgin Islands and all the waterways. After our hike around the mountain, we stopped at a helicopter pad about halfway down. We learned that a rich doctor from New York had bought the island and had planned to create a resort that was never finished. We also learned about the history of the channels around us and how Blackbeard had landed on many of the islands. At the end of our hike, we wrote down our goals for this trip, big or small. Then we went back to the boat and cooled off by jumping in the water before having a good breakfast. Then we set sail for Virgin Gorda. The sail took about 3 hours, which will be our longest sail. It was awesome because I got to steer the boat. The sail was legit, and everybody relaxed in the sun. When we arrived at Virgin Gorda, we saw that the island kind of looks like a large woman with all of its hills. Next, we went to the other GoBeyond boat, “Two Ghosts,” and learned about how we are going to catch, tag, and release turtles. Then we went to the beach in Savannah Bay right next to where our boat is anchored. The beach was beautiful with soft sand and shallow turquoise water. We waded in the water and tossed the Frisbee and football. Then we headed back to the boat to shower and have dinner. The highlights of the day that I forgot to mention involved many troubles with our anchor. First, when we were preparing to set sail for Virgin Gorda, we learned our anchor was hooked on a large tree that had fallen underwater in the hurricane last fall. Then when we were anchoring in Savannah Bay, we pulled the anchor in too far, and it got caught. Yea, we may have had to hit the anchor with a large rubber mallet and David and Elliot, the staff, had to go under the boat, but it was an adventure. Evan also “fell” off the dinghy trying to get on to Two Ghosts…or did he jump? Today was legit.

Signing off, Natalie Metz