Location: New Delhi and Agra

This morning we woke up bright and early at 4:30 am, to a very cold shower. We then hopped into a taxi to go to the train station for a 6 am train. We narrowly escaped the scammers and managed to have a relatively smooth entry onto our two-hour train journey to Agra.

Our breakfast on the train consisted of delicious and nutritious banana bread and margarine sandwiggies.

We got off the train and headed to the Taj Mahal where we rode camel carriages and this time we fell right into the trap of those treacherous scammers and were charged extra for riding the camels. This was bad. 

After unfortunately failing to get free tickets at the ticket booth by pretending Minh and Gina were 14, we passed through the hassle of security to finally reach the West Gate. As we walked through the gates and saw the Taj Mahal, the sight was just amazing and so much better than anyone had imagined or gathered from pictures or reading. We walked around the Taj and marveled at how amazing it was while taking a good thousand or so photos. 

From there we went to lunch at a nearby hotel and had another delicious meal of Indian curries before our 5-hour taxi ride back to Delhi. We were all very tired from our early morning s seen when Minh fell asleep on me several times until he hit his head on the car window and woke up.

We got back to our hotel and lazed around for a bit until our last dinner in India. We sat down and discussed what we had learned over the past three weeks and what things we would remember. I think we all gained a lot out of the trip even if we couldn’t pinpoint everything. 

It’ll be sad leaving this crazy bunch of kiddies, but they’re all ace birds and blokes and my true blue mates.