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Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up early and prepared for the day of work at the elementary school. I was skipper and was in charge of snacks and tools. I was excited we had goldfish hidden in the snack chamber. Also due to being the skipper of the day I was able to drive the boat to the island we were working on. That went very smoothly and driving the boat was one of my favorite parts of the day. Once we arrived we began to load the dinghies (lifeboats). These would take us to shore. On my way to climbing in the dinghy, I tripped on the rope and skinned up both my legs. It was actually kinda funny if you think about it. Onshore we walked in a single file line. I repeat SINGLE file line. That was a very important concept according to Elliot. We then arrived at the school to begin a day of long but important work. The main objective was to remove all sticks, trees, vines, bushes that were intertwined and growing near the fence so the old fence could be removed. I really connected with some of the kids from both boats today. One girl named Hannah and I swore one log resembled a seal if you looked at it the right way. Others thought we were hallucinating due to dehydration. The most hectic part of the day was when the group was unable to find a missing saw. After a long, long time of searching high and low it miraculously appeared in the compost pile. I also saw two cats. (Just thought that should be mentioned) Overall it was a fun day. It was really satisfying to see the hard work we did shown in the schoolyard we worked in. Evidence of work was all over us as we scrubbed off dirt during saltwater showering time. Which is definitely a fun ways to shower. I’m really glad to be a part of this can’t wait until tomorrow.