Location: West End, Tortola

Today was AMAZING. It started off with a wake up around 6:45 (big surprise mother I actually woke up). The staff, however, woke up MUCH earlier to raise the sails for the journey to Road Town. We gathered on the dock around 8 and began helping set up the VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) community festival. Josie and I were put in charge of the bouncy house! A very fitting job for both of us. VISAR took people out on their extremely fast boat, which goes about 65 knots. (SUPER FAST) The event ended around noon. We all went back to the boat, grabbed our belongings, and had some shore time. During this time, I called home and Tatum. (Hi, Tatum!!!! Love you girl) After going to the supermarket and buying crazy amounts of candy, we set sail to West End Tortola. During the sail, the entire crew danced and sang our hearts out. It was a blast, for most:) Tonight we’re sleeping on the docs which are super cool since we usually only sleep here on the first and last night of the program. For tonight’s evening activity were figured out each others leadership color. I was green (surprise surprise BZ). Anyways, now we’re just hanging out with Ewak and getting ready for bed.

Quick shoutout to my family, especially my dad, who turned the big 50 today! Sorry for announcing your age to the whole blog, not exactly sure how many people read this! Miss you guys but I’m having a lot of fun and will be kind of sad when I get home:)

Thanks for reading and as always, remember: Live like Brum Brum