Location: San Jose

What is a Tico, you may ask? A Tico is a nickname affectionately given to the people of Costa Rica. As a phrase, Tico Time typically refers to the cultural understanding of how time passes in this country. They are not as punctual, and schedule driven as some more industrialized countries may be; Ticos believe that things will get done if they need to get done and if you’re late, no worries. Quite similar to island time, but I guess seeing as it’s not an island, the Ticos weren’t able to borrow the slogan. It is what it is.

Tico Time takes on a richer meaning in our group. Tico Time for us is time spent serving others, learning about the local customs and culture, and experiencing the expansive biodiversity that the rainforests, beaches, and mountains have to offer. Tico Time is building lasting relationships with each other, empowering local communities, and maturing into more globally-minded individuals. Tico Time also means rafting, hiking to waterfalls, chilling beachside, playing games, and eating plenty of rice, beans, and fresh fruit. We’re on Tico Time for the next couple weeks of our Costa Rica service trip, and it’s going to be a blast!

We’ve got most of our group here: Christian showed up early (shoutout to GoBeyond Peru!) and stayed with JB and Whitey the dog at the Humanitarian Foundation Director’s house. Shanti, Kiki, Kayla rolled up next, soon followed by Mara and Sara; together with JB and Christian, we all headed back to the hotel (Gracias Hugo!). There were sandwiches, drinks, a pool, and a beautiful mountain view awaiting us! Anna arrived an hour later with Oliver and Justin in tow, and we spent some time, swimming, getting to know each other, and partaking in some general tomfoolery. Plus, we got to meet Gail, the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation Director whom this trip couldn’t happen without, and dinner was scrumptious! Later tonight Anna will go to the airport to pick up both Anna and Anna (are you getting confused yet?), and we’ll have JLee joining our team tomorrow. It’s gonna be sweet as we start our work with Gail and the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation tomorrow. Continue reading our Costa Rica service trip log to see how it goes. Pura Vida!