Location: Marina Cay

This morning we were lucky and got to sleep in until 9 am. However, thanks to our internal alarm clocks, we were all up and ready to start the day by 8:30. We had a scrumptious breakfast, which consisted of breakfast burritos. After we all finished breakfast, we sailed over to Cam Bay. The next 3 and a half hours of the sail was filled with great conversation, reading, and sunbathing. Once we got to the bay, we had lunch. Today, Ryan and Suzy prepared White Bean Soup. We all changed into bathing suits so that we could snorkel and find lionfish. Before we went off to snorkel, we learned how lionfish were harmful to the environment and other sea creatures. After about an hour of snorkeling, the group I was with found a lionfish! We dropped a marker so that people who had a fishers license could come at a later date and find the lionfish. We then returned to the boat to start taking refreshing Hibiclens showers. Right before our showers, we got to watch Elliot and Nazz race in the dinghies. Nazz came out as the winner. We quickly motored over to Marina Cay, where we finished showering and filled up our water. Currently, the chefs are making tortellini for dinner, which I am super excited for. After dinner, we are listening to a tape that makes us think on a deeper level.