Location: Anegada

Could you have ever thought that the song, Circle of Life, from The Lion King would have awoken you? I didn’t think so till this morning when the loud, upbeat music rung over and over in our ears. After a quick breakfast, we drove in our dinghy to the island of Anegada where we would spend our morning at the Anegada Rock Iguana Headstart Facility where iguanas lurked in every corner, excited by the arrival of seventeen boys and girls. With the hot sun shining intensely on our skin, we cleaned the iguanas’ food and water bowls and cleaned the perimeter of the facility, whether it meant cutting down trees or simply collecting trash. Lastly, we concocted iguana salad, made by Omar as he meticulously chopped vegetables. Afterward, we took a taxi, driven by Rondel, to the Big Bamboo Restaurant where we ate delicious burgers and chicken tenders. We finished off this exciting day with an afternoon on the beautiful, clear water beach. Some went snorkeling while some stayed on the beach and played an intense game of volleyball. Those who went snorkeling swam through caves and saw species of fish for the first time such as the Palometa and the Dog Snapper. After the exhausting, yet rewarding day, we had a delicious, gourmet dinner, grilled cheese. The day ended with laughter as Grayson and Jaden danced ridiculously to the song Single Ladies, sung by Beyonce. Overall, the day was filled with laughter and hard work as us students came together as one.