Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

As the skipper today, I woke up everyone with the morning CD at 6:45 AM. The cooks today were Olivia and Bezan. It was a relaxing time for them because we had cereal. After breakfast, we sailed close to the Tortola airport on Beef Island where we then took a taxi to The Youth Empowerment Project (Y.E.P), which consisted of helping out a summer camp. Once there we were divided into three groups: 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 year-olds. The first group had Georgia, Daniel, Anna, Emie and me. We started by playing shark and lifeguard with the kids as it is there favorite game. We then played basketball which was also a lot of fun.

The second group consisted of Sarah, Emry, Clovis, and Jack. They played Taboo and then did arts and crafts with their group. Jack and Emry made blue shells while Clovis and Sarah made paper boxes. The third group which consisted of Jeffrey, Benzan, Olivia, and Rachael also made gift boxes and painted their lemonade stand. At the end of those activities, we all grouped up and helped prepare water balloons for the water fight since it was their last day of school. The kids were super excited and so were we! We left before the fight started to go back to Trellis Bay where we had lunch and shore time.

After that, we took the boat and drove to Savannah Bay. We had a bit of rain today but not that much which we were pretty lucky about. Once we arrived there we took showers and the chef and sous-chef cooked dinner; it was delicious. After cleaning the dishes w,e headed up to another boat for a lifeworks talk directed by Mike. It was a lot of fun and really interesting. Then we got to end the night with dessert and a celebration for Sarah’s birthday!! So as you can see, today was a really interesting and exciting day for us. To go and see those children and play with them really make us think and made us realized how lucky we are to be here, in the Caribbean. It also made our boat closer by learning more about each other and where we come from.