Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning the chefs woke up early to make us breakfast for dinner for breakfast. After breakfast, we motored away from Road Town to the other side of Tortola where we would be mangroving or mongoosing, as Kat calls it. We broke up into teams to examine the mangrove site, where young mangrove trees are growing in PVC pipes as a way to ensure their survival. First, we counted the mangroves; then we chose a sample size that we would measure and record the GPS coordinates of. We saw several interesting creatures including puffer fish and sea urchins. After we finished recording the information about the mangroves we sailed back to Road Town for shore time. We got to eat lunch there, and having real food for a change was amazing. We then got the chance to explore Road Town, the capital of the BVI. Road town was full of fantastic sights and places, including a man selling hand-made pottery out of the bed of his pick-up truck. A bunch of us bought one of his beautiful pieces. After returning to the boat, we sailed to Peter Island and anchored there for the night. We had a major jam session to songs from Frozen and played charades with Catalinaville. Then the chefs cooked us delicious food for Mexican night, and tonight we will get the chance to reflect on our experiences in Lifeworks and what the community service we’ve done has taught and meant to us. The program has been flying by, and it’s unreal that day 18 is already over. I can’t wait to experience the last couple days in these stunning islands. Bye for now!