Location: Necker Island

We luckily started the day by getting to sleep in until 8 am after a long night of dancing to DJ Heavy Beats’ incredible music. Elliot woke up at 6 to make us all French toast, after enjoying breakfast together, we docked at Leverick Bay to stock up on water and snacks. After, we motored to Necker Island where Vaman, our guide, took us around and showed us the entire island. We got to see four different types of lemurs, many different birds, tortoises, and flamingos. We got to hold and feed three of the different lemur species. We talked to some of the birds where our conversations consisted of back and forth “hellos.” Natalie got the pleasure of having a 64-year-old giant tortoise step on her foot and took her sandal away. Once we got it back, we went to another part of the island and saw hundreds of flamingos in their pond. After that was done we got to go to one of the houses and tour it, from the top of the house we could see the entire island chain around us. After we said thank you to our excellent guides, we got back onto Portlandia and set sail on our 3 hour trip to Anegada. Once our boat was moored we took our ocean showers and started dinner, and after our long day, we finally got ready for bed. Signing off, peace.