Location: Amazon Basin

Today started especially early with a 5:30 wake up to a dark rainy morning. After a satisfying breakfast, we embarked on our journey to the Limoncocha reserve. That journey included an hour-long canoe ride, followed by a bus ride and then a second canoe ride. Eventually, we reached the reserve where we learned that we would be removing invasive lilies from a lagoon in reserve. To remove the lilies, we went out on the lagoon in canoes and picked the lilies up out of the water. We then moved crates of lilies onto the shore and created a large pile which would eventually be used as compost. While there were far too many lilies to be removed in one day, we did manage to create a significant dent in the seemingly endless pool of lilies. After three hours of work, we stopped for lunch provided by the eco-lodge. Following the lunch, we split up into two groups, the first of which went on a two-hour hike through the jungle and the second of which continued removing lilies. The hike became more of a jog and ended at an enormous tree between 500 and 600 years old. After returning from the hike and removing some more lilies we returned to the lodge by canoe, bus, and then canoe again. Our day ended with a delicious meal and rewarding rest.