Location: Anegada

Today was the first full day of turtling which was very interesting and exciting for everyone in the group. We got to catch our turtles using the rodeo method, which is only used in select areas of the world. We were lucky enough to be in one of those places – Fisherman’s Wharf, Anegada. A lot of concentration and focus was needed to accurately measure and record turtle information, but our group was so talented that we were able to properly complete the tasks at hand. While other groups of people went off to find turtles, we had the chance to relax on the dock and talk to the students from the other boat and bond over fun conversations as well as giving us some time to soak up the sun. However, the most incredible part of my day was catching the turtle my group was chasing – jumping off of the dinghy onto the turtle and grabbing ahold of it was exhilarating and truly unique. The day ended with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal cooked by today’s chefs. This was the perfect way to conclude a great day.