Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Another amazing day in the BVI! Today we all slept in until 8, which was our latest morning so far. We woke up to the smell of Elliot and the chefs of the day making pancakes, which were very good. We stayed on the boat this morning watched videos about plastic. Some were not super exciting, others made us laugh, but they were all informative. After that, we took dinghies to shore and took a hike to a beautiful beach. We were told that we had to pick up trash on this beach, which was surprising because at first glance the beach looked perfectly clean. However, we all ended up gathering handfuls of trash that was stuck under the rocks all over the beach. Then we came back to the boat and had really good mac ‘n cheese. This afternoon we began our turtle tagging adventure. We learned about the different methods of catching turtles and then took the dinghies out to try it ourselves. We ended up seeing two Green turtles and catching one of them. It was hard to catch because the turtle was 10 -15 feet down and surprisingly swam very fast. We brought the one we had caught to the boat, took measurements and inserted a tracking chip into it. Working with the turtle and being that close to it, was an amazing experience and hopefully, we will tag much more later on in the trip. After releasing, the turtle we all took saltwater showers off the back of the boat and had dinner which consisted of broccoli cheddar pasta, salad, and biscuits. Now everyone is cleaning up, making dessert, and getting ready to watch the documentary.