Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a great day, and it all started with a sleep-in until 8:30.  The pancakes that Emma made were delicious that we ate at the back of the boat.  After gathering at the cockpit of the boat, we took the dinghy to a beach with white sand.  It was a breathtaking moment because it was such a pretty sight.  We walked across to the other side of the island where we cleaned up a rocky beach.  It was crazy how much plastic we found that was smaller than the size of a quarter.  It was a meaningful experience because we got to help clean up our planet.  Before all of this, we had a lesson on learning about different types of plastic and how they are covering our oceans.  As boring as this seems, I took away a lot from it.  I took away that the best way to help clean our mess up is to stop consuming.  We all gathered and had an eventful lunch consisting of mac ‘ n ‘ cheese and PB&J.  Following this fantastic meal, we got ready to turtle tag.  Everyone was stoked and pumped to go search for turtles.  We all boarded Snow Cat as we received our briefing.  Tagging turtles consist of holding onto a line that is being pulled slowly behind a dinghy.  This was very fun and thrilling.  The water was very murky, and we didn’t have any luck finding turtles 🙁 Dinner was great, and in the middle of it, there was a downpour of rain.  Then, to wrap up the night we had a Lifeworks Forum on Values, and got relaxed and went to bed in our respective places.