Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Ok! Today we woke up so freaking early. Lol, we had a lady named Shannon to come and explain some more turtle tagging stuff to us. We all got our fins and snorkels and jumped into the water. I went off to the shallow area and saw a bunch of fish and a giant barracuda; I swam away FAST, heck nah, lol. I went back to the boat and chilled for a bit, most people saw some turtles, and a few touched them, but we didn’t manage to get any tagged. The chefs made ramen and eggs for lunch. I chilled inside and slept for a bit before we watched a documentary about octopi! It was pretty neat:) We had breakfast for dinner with eggs, sausages, pancakes, and biscuits. We then cleaned up, and I and a few others saw A TON of shark-looking fish around the boat. It was so cool but also creepy, haha. I’m heading to bed soon, but we’re gonna celebrate Max’s and Spencer’s birthday tomorrow. Not looking forward to an early morning, but I’ll endure, lol.

Anyways, buonasera 😀