Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today I started off the morning by waking up to a strong reminder of my sunburned back. We then sailed to Lee Bay while we ate bagels and cereal. When we arrived in Lee Bay, we split into four dinghies to try and catch turtles. We got to manta tow (power snorkel) off the back of the dinghy while it cruised around the bay. We rotated people every 15 minutes, and after about 2 hours, we came back into the boat and started to make ramen for lunch — unfortunately, sans-turtle. After lunch, we sailed to Monkey Point to attempt to catch turtles for the second time. Nazz, Hayley, Rachel, Chase, and I rode the small dinghy – Honeybunches – around, but still had no luck because our dinghy ran out of gas halfway. So, for the remainder of the time, we just snorkeled around. We saw some awesome sea life, including a huge octopus. We regrouped back at the boat to sail for about 5 minutes to Somers Beach to get ready for the barbecue with ActionQuest. We feasted on burgers and hot dogs on a picturesque beach before our meeting about tomorrow’s activity – VISAR Community Day.