Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, we were allowed to sleep in until 8:00! Elliot made us pancakes for breakfast, and we all stuffed ourselves. It was a sunny day, so a few people jumped off of the boat and swam for a few minutes, while the rest of us watched from the top of the boat. We went on a quick walk to the windward side of Virgin Gorda, where the beach was full of driftwood and plastics. We filled a whole trash bag with the garbage that we picked up in only five minutes. We headed back to the boat, where Dara showed us a few videos on the effects of plastic on our environment, and we discussed our thoughts on it. I helped drive the boat to the Baths after the lesson. It started pouring right as we were mooring, and everyone got soaked! Luckily, the rain stopped quickly, so we swam our way into the entrance of the Baths, which are a gorgeous jumble of large boulders in the crystal clear water. The rocks make little caves and beautiful walkways to explore. There was a twelve-foot rock that everyone jumped off of! We walked around the Baths before loading the dinghies and going to our final swim lessons. Afterward, we docked the boat and were allowed to take freshwater showers! Sophie and Ryder made cheesy broccoli pasta with biscuits and salad for dinner. Everyone cleaned up after dinner, and Elliot talked to us about how to tag turtles. We were really exhausted after such a fun-filled day, so we fell asleep very fast!