Location: Great Barrier Reef

Bright and early at 5:45 in the morning, the crew of Ocean Quest rapped loudly on cabin doors. A few brave souls put their wetsuits and gear on for a sunrise dive at 6:00 am. The rest of us woke at 7:30 for breakfast, followed by two great dives. An octopus, an eel, and many other marine creatures were spotted. After our final dive in the Great Barrier Reef, we ate lunch and got some sun on the top deck and even got to see dolphins jumping in the water below. We moved to the day boat and headed back to Cairns. After returning to our rooms and showering, we ordered pizza for dinner. We are now beginning the long and necessary process of writing cards to each of our new friends. On each card, we describe memories and what we love about each person. These cards serve as a way to remember each other and to look back on all of the amazing times we have had while in Australia. Tomorrow is our last full day in Australia, and we plan to make the most of it!