Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we started quite a bit later and woke up to a pancake breakfast. Having had another rainy night, this was a pleasant surprise. We were able to sleep in and left later than previous days. In the morning the group split up into two again with the rebuilding island life group going back to the school to finish the sandbox with Elliot and David while the preserving wildlife group attempted to go to another beach to clean up. Today we got to the island in a more interesting way, we approached the shore in our dinghies and hopped out. The rebuilding island life group met up again with Julie to go back to the school where we previously had set up the playground. The process of making the sandbox was very interesting and had to be very creative because of the limited resources we had to build it. Afterward, we were delighted to see the kids enjoy themselves on the things we made and were pleasantly surprised when it didn’t immediately fall apart. The preserving wildlife group went to another beach before finding out that the trail to the beach was nearly impassible and they ended up spending most of their time trying to make a new path. The group met up again for lunch where we ate mac and cheese with both groups being incredibly tired. After lunch, we went to another anchorage for some turtle tagging where we were towed by a dinghy looking for turtles. We caught a massive turtle and were successfully able to tag the turtle. Afterward, we sailed to yet another anchorage where we connected the boats to create a raft to have a nice cookout with veggie burgers. Tomorrow we go back to Virgin Gorda for yet more clean up but now as an entire group.