Location: Reykjavik

Although the day technically started at 3:30 in the morning when the sun rose, our day started when we were awoken at 7:30 to the smell of a delicious buffet. After breakfast, we took the bus to the Hallgrimskirkja Church in the city of Reykjavik. Here, we started our walking tour with our hilarious tour guide, Mauricio. He told us that despite public belief, Leif Erikson discovered America. We explored many fun pastimes in Reykjavik, like the Phallological Museum, the Concert Hall, and the most prestigious Junior College in Iceland. We also learned a lot about the culture and history of Reykjavik. On Icelandic Culture Day in June, Icelanders can go to the Mayor of Reykjavik’s house to eat homemade pancakes. In Iceland, people derive their names from their parent’s names. We learned that there are 75 names that make up the names of most people in Iceland. We also learned that most people in Iceland are related. There’s a dating app that is commonly used here that tells you how related you are to someone elseā€¦

After the tour, we went to the National Gallery of Iceland to look at Icelandic art, followed by a visit to a local grocery store to look for ingredients for dinner. We decided to go with pasta. During our very fun cooking session, somebody accidentally poured a little too much salt into the sauce. This, coupled with the very wet pasta, provided an amazing meal. Now, we are winding down for the night. On to tomorrow!