Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Hi everyone!! Today was a super chill day. Ella woke up early to switch up breakfast and make us all pancakes!! We got to go knee boarding and wakeboarding around the bay, which Zoe is fantastic at, and we had a solid second attempt at turtle tagging. Despite there being no turtle sightings, we saw tons of coral, fish, and a stingray. In addition to the swapping of books and joy rides with Jess and Lindsey, we had 28 packs of ramen for lunch for 15 people, which was the cherry on top of our day. Following more rest, relaxation, and flotation, Gavin served and welcomed two guests to our humble abode for a makeshift dinner of our remaining food, courtesy of Ella and Gary. After dinner and squeeze, we went around the table to share our first impressions of the group and counselors. We’re all looking forward to another fun day here and can’t wait to see our lovely parents when we get back! Miss you all 🙂