Location: Pacuare River

I woke up with one thing in mind, pirating the enemy raft. However, that happens later. From 5:30 in the morning, when an inconvenient alarm went off, I was filled with anticipation for rafting! We had an amazing breakfast made by our river guides, and we were off to continue our journey down the Pacuare. The frigid water came as both a cold shock and as an awakening refreshment. Today’s rapids were a level 4 on the fast water scale, and I was incredibly excited. The gorgeous scenery surrounding the river was something you can only dream about. I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I were to describe how amazing it was.

Now here comes the pirating: It is common on the river to do everything in one’s power to pull others into the water at the calmer spots. Hence, pirating. Rob tricked a Gavin into a high five, ending with Gavin in the water. After that, the tension was high any time our two rafts came close. Jamie was next, being completely stolen from her raft and consequently dumped overboard. It seemed as though my boat was superior in its synchronized paddling and pirating. However, after another encounter, I was taken from my raft but not before taking one of the others down with me! But after all the fun, it seemed like in a flash the beautiful 12-mile journey was over, and although it was sad, our bodies longed for rest. The end of the day came with meeting our new host families for the next couple of days. Everyone’s families were extremely welcoming and kind, and I couldn’t be more glad for a good nights rest.