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Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The day started off with a sleep in that we were all looking forward to. We were all very excited to eat the special eggs that Emma prepared for us, they were the best eggs I ate on the boat. After eating our breakfast we were surprised by the director with an emotional card game. We all picked cards that showed characteristics about ourselves that we both liked and disliked. We all gathered together emotionally and physically. After the game we all headed to Conrad’s place. We listened to a story about how Conrad is grateful for the things he has in spite of his living conditions. We all had a heart to heart moment sitting on the beach listening. Shortly after, we were sailing to a destination for our sail race against 4 other catamarans from Action Quest. The race was exciting and fun. We came in first and we were all very elated and happy for our medals that we won. After all the excitement we all settled down with some good conversations and brownies.