Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today, we woke up at Sommer’s beach with an amazing view. Our chefs: Abby and Nicolette cooked very tasty French Toasts. Just after the breakfast, we sailed to Brewer’s Bay. We rafted to Moko Jumbie to go turtling during the afternoon. We have seen many turtles, but we didn’t catch any, because they were very deep and hidden in the seagrass. Then we sailed to Cane Garden to spend the night. During the dinner, we saw a lot of dolphins, and people were pretty excited. I asked for the squeeze “if you could choose one language to know what it would be? And why?” Answers were very diversified: Russian, Latin, Mandarin, Arabic… And finally, after dinner, we will watch a documentary named “Preserving Nature’s Little Secrets” about the natural richness of the BVIs. To sum up, we had a very fun day, and we enjoyed a lot the beautiful weather.