Location: Brandywine Bay, Tortola

Today was an amazing day and territory day in the BVI’s! We woke up early and set sail to Tortola for the dog show. The British Virgin Island Humane Society was hosting this event to get money for their animals that don’t have homes. When we got there, we helped set up and got different jobs to help out throughout the day. Some of the jobs were working at the food or registration booths, monitoring the kids on the water slides, and helping walk the dogs. Playing and walking the dogs was the best part! The people that came to the dog show could register their dog for the competition in different categories. The categories were most obedient, most disobedient, best tricks, best dressed, island dogs, pure-bred dogs, and mixed breed dogs. A few of us even got to take some of the dogs and do the competitions with them. It was really fun to watch all of the dogs and their owners compete for some of these funny categories. After the dog show was over, we helped clean up space and went back to our boat to set sail to an anchorage in Brandywine Bay. We ended the night watching the movie Moana and eating some delicious cookies.