Location: Beijing

After another two and a half hours at the Roundabout center (with no air conditioning), we were very grateful to have bought electric fans earlier on. Roundabout is a non-profit organization based in Beijing that sells donated items and gives profits to other charities in China. During our time in China, we worked with them twice, helping them sort out different donations.

Yesterday was our second and last session with Roundabout, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite all being slightly recalcitrant at first, we managed to get a lot of work done efficiently. Our main task was to take donated clothes out of boxes and stack them on the shelves. As some of the shelves were quite high, we had to help each other pass clothes down to a person up on a ladder. We were able to finish all of the boxes very quickly as we were all very perseverant and supportive. I felt very fortunate to be able to work with Roundabout as I admire the work that they do.

For dinner last night we went to a different restaurant and had the longly awaited Peking Duck. Thanks to Joy, we knew exactly what to put in our wraps and what sauces to use. We all enjoyed the delicious duck as well as the Sweet and Sour Chicken and the potatoes.

We are now enjoying a few more moments at Little Flower in Beijing before heading to Inner Mongolia for more service with Little Flower. We are unsure what kind of WiFi access we will have, so we will try to keep the blog updated!