Location: Anegada

We woke up with the sun at 6:30, refreshed by a good night’s sleep and relieved that last night’s Mexican feast agreed with all of our stomachs. We got ready quickly and ate breakfast, excited for our only full day on the rugged and beautiful Anegada. We split into two groups once we reached the shore – a small team headed off for some turtling while the rest of us took a taxi to the only school on the island to give it some TLC. The larger group constructed garden beds, dug and laid posts for shade tarps, and treated various areas to a fresh coat of paint, all while enjoying the company of Dorie and the students and staff of the school. As we worked, small groups switched roles with turtle catchers who returned from the water after completing a successful tag. We caught nine total, enjoying the change of pace and the particular feistiness of the small turtles, and reveling in the payoff of our hard work. We made our way back to the catamarans in the late afternoon, showered, and as I write this now, the chefs are making a very fragrant dinner of risotto with chicken and vegetables. After we eat, we will have an activity with the other GoBeyond boat and enjoy some German chocolate cake we snagged from the grocery store (bless you, Mika) before settling in for the night and preparing for a relaxed day of sailing tomorrow.