Location: China

We woke up on August 4th ate a quick breakfast and then conquered the city walls of Xian, biking a total of 9 miles around the center. A few brave souls even rode tandem. After biking, we headed to a silk factory to witness the Chinese art and shop at the factory. We ended the day with a shopping trip down the Muslim street before getting on the overnight train to Beijing. We picked up dinner at a McDonalds before getting on. Waking up on August 4th with a few hours left of the ride we finally arrived in Beijing at around 9 am, showered and then headed to lunch. Having eaten lunch, we met up with our friends from the group homes and headed to a Chinese version of Chuck E Cheese, where, unfortunately, adults were segregated from the ball pit. A few hours of fun later the kids were dropped off, and we headed to the restaurant we ate at our first night in Beijing. The day ended with a walk to an amazing park complete with pool, ping pong, exercise machines, and motor cars.