Location: Xi'An, China

We had a wonderful second day in Xian. We left our glorious hotel bright and early to go to Xian’s wall. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and we could all see the blue sky. So we arrived at the wall and got all of our bikes. I got a helmet because safety is important. All the other people didn’t because they don’t care about their safety BUT got out okay. No one fell and I lost my helmet. Xian is a very nice city; seeing it fly by as we sped down the wall was quite the sight. Uttam, the biking master, rode one-handed clutching his water bottle for dear life. Zane made a friend at the wall that was very nice and took a silly photo with us. We all got ice cream after the bike ride to congratulate ourselves. Then we met up with Daniel and had lunch at a fancy buffet and the toilets were very nice. Daniel gave the toilets four Chinese stars and three American stars. After lunch, we headed for the museum about dynasties which had their capitals in Xian. Wikipedia it when you get home, it’s all very interesting, there was something in 1974 and no one knows what it was but it was very cool. The museum took forever! All we wanted to do is sit but we loved it. So after the museum, we got on the bus and left for the train station. We got to stay in the V.I.P room which was very nice. We like Thomas because he’s always watching out for us. Then we got on the train, it was a tad bit smaller hence more cramped but more private. Late at night we met two gregarious young children who offered candy, sadly filled with peanuts and played games. We traded games and got to play with the whole family, and we showed the family our favorite place: outside of our comfort zone.