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Location: Xi'An, China

We had the most excellent adventure today in our second day in Xi’An. We first started off our day like any other with a nutritious breakfast with our amazing leaders – Emily, Joy and Thomas, also our guide Daniel. After that our guide took us to the Xi’An city wall that divides the traditional style city life of Xi’An from the growing industrialized Xi’An. We traveled across the wall by bike. Some people chose to have a single bike while others went double. Shout out to Chloe and Sarah who went together on a double bike and did it flawlessly. On the wall there were some great photos that were taken. Some people took the bike ride slow, some a little faster and a few might have had a crash or two. Everyone got great exercise out of the nine mile bike ride. Special props to Madi and Grace who did it just under an hour and where the first people to have completed it. (Great job, guys.) After wards we had another amazing meal in Xi’An then headed over to the museum. An Australian man joined our group to have a better understanding of Chinese culture and all of the amazing history that follows. While in the museum we saw some great historical artifacts perfectly preserved. No replicas were present; only authentic originals were on display. After our amazing time in the museum we said farewell to our amazing guide and headed off on our long journey back to the apartment.