Location: Brandywine Bay, Tortola

The day was started late with Elliot’s classic, delicious pancakes, which we all devoured quickly. We then rode the dinghy to Brandywine Bay where we measured and collected data on mangrove trees, which had been planted by previous Go Beyond students. Following a morning filled with hard work, we headed to Road Town where we ate lunch and had some time to shop. After, we sailed back to Brandywine Bay and Elliott took a few students back to the Mangrove site to take down coordinates on where they are located while the remaining crew members cleaned up the entire boat. We welcomed Zach, who boarded our boat to visit his fiancée, who is one of the staff on another boat. After taking a quick dip in the water, we sailed to Peter Island and crushed the Beez Chasers in a race. We showered and then were served Mexican Food to please our stomachs after a long days work.