Location: Central Valley Costa Rica

The first day was beyond amazing. Everybody got to know everybody better and what it means to be here. The first thing we did was visit “La Finca,” where we learned what projects needed to be done and started planting cucumber and making benches for people to enjoy. Others cleaned a space to soon lay concrete to create a relaxing space for people to enjoy. After working for a bit, we ordered a pizza and sat on the newly made benches around the fire pit. After lunch, we visited a Guetar shaman in Quitirisi and got a tour of his home, lifestyle, and spiritual practices. We crushed fresh sugar cane for its sweet, sweet nectar and a temezcal heated with stones that had healing powers. Then we did a spiritual cleansing ceremony, which made us feel completely calm and centered afterward. Also, we bought jewelry from the local indigenous families made with local seeds, stones, bones, and even a badger paw. ROCK ON I LOVE LIFEWORKS.